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Modular Prefabricated Container Home Office.

Choosing to invest in the real estate market in the form of residential buildings in various projects such as pool villas, houses or condominiums, etc. in tourist attractions in Phuket. and nearby provinces It is becoming popular among foreigners because it offers high returns and is worth investing in our project gives small investors the opportunity to invest in real estate in an easy-to-understand way under the regulations of relevant laws with a low investment. You can own a residence located in the heart of the business district and at the center of your maritime travel. Constructed according to an environmentally friendly concept by taking shipping containers and converting them into beautiful, classic vacation homes. With a rental contract package for a period of up to 2028 with a fixed rental rate throughout the contract period. Investors can choose to live there themselves or rent it to interested parties conveniently. Including selling building rights along with land lease contracts to make a profit. It is another option for small investors who have good collateral. Moving our prefabricated shelter is easy. It is designed with just 2 floors. It can be dismantled and lifted to be assembled for installation in various locations. easily or will be installed together with other projects of the company through another channel.

No matter where you are in the world, you can invest with us in owning a compact vacation home. The clean air of Chalong Bay Sea Complete facilities At a price equal to monthly rent in other provinces. But you can make a profit by renting out your house to interested parties or tourists on a daily basis during festivals or tourist seasons. Or rent monthly at a high price easily in Phuket. By a professional agent with experience in booking many hotel rooms on the Internet. Construction takes approximately 4 weeks with environmentally friendly prefabricated materials. The project is located on beautiful land in the business district. Complete utility system Traveling to relax on various beaches or marine tourist attractions is convenient There are many famous shopping areas, bars, and restaurants. Many educational institutions, and hospitals, both public and private.

Reserve today and receive many benefits. With a beautiful house design, you choose to participate in the design as an owner.

Container Home Office
Location / Master Plan / Standard Shipping Container
Villa A. Layout Plan / Front Elevation
Villa B. Layout Plan / Front Elevation

Phuket Thailand :

Also known as "The Pearl of Andaman", is Thailand's biggest island and one of the country's most important tourist attractions. Roughly the same size as Singapore, the terrain is varied and features a hilly backbone, magnificent west coast beaches, and a secluded east coast. Phuket's climate is tropical with temperatures hovering about 30 degrees centigrade all year round. There are two monsoon seasons; one from May to October and a cooler period from December to April. Recent History: Over 100 years ago a large influx of Chinese Hokkien laborers arrived to work in the tin mines and many stayed.

Today, The island has more of a Chinese flavor than most Thai provinces. After the tin boom subsided, tourism became an important industry and most of the west coast is devoted to hotels and their spin-off enterprises. The property market in Phuket has blossomed within the last few years and partly as a result, the face of the island has changed. Phuket now has an extensive infrastructure, decent-sized roads, international hospitals, high-standard educational institutions, hotels, shopping galore, and some of Thailand's best restaurants. Leisure activities include sailing, diving, excellent golf opportunities, and swimming.

Welcome to the home of your dreams, your very own superb luxury beachfront properties with fantastic views of Phuket City and surrounding islands. If you are looking for the best in tropical living with all-year-round cooling sea breezes and yet still want to be in the heart of things The Waterfront is exactly what you need. Sumptuous facilities, rock-hard security, top-quality building materials, a sensible financial plan, centrally located, unbeatable views and if that isn't enough for you the world famous Thai smile. The Waterfront offers all of this and more check out our website for more details; you won't be disappointed. Welcome to The Waterfront Group (Thailand).


Residence by Investment :
Many countries came out to attract the 'rich' to invest money in exchange for long-term residence and work visas (permanent resident visa or immigrant investor visa or golden visa. While Thailand mainly focuses on attracting temporary money such as money from tourists. To stimulate the domestic economy, but also allow people to live, work and spend in the country to attract 'smart people' to work and help develop the country But there is another type of visa that has just been opened to foreigners with heavy money. 'Long-Term Resident Visa' (LTR Visa) allows holders to live and work in Thailand for 10 years, along with many special privileges such as exemption from foreign income tax. just not many conditions. Having a spare address will help diversify the risk. also increase the flexibility to 'asylum' out of one's own country in the event of an incident, for 'Thailand', 'low investment threshold', 'high privilege', and 'simple rules'. travel and food that is famous all over the world make us a place that provides both legal conveniences. and cultural diversity. The Immigrates to start families and run various businesses in open countries like Thailand, which offers freedom of residence and occupation with very few restrictions compared to neighboring countries.

A lot of people invest in vacation properties and rent them out to tourists for income during the high season. Foreigners often choose to invest by buying or renting different properties for the long term as appropriate. Depending on the location, location, and government requirements, it is possible to conduct business. This can be a vertical residence in the category of mixed housing, such as condominiums, apartments, or low-rise accommodation, such as houses, or pool villas. It is a wise investment choice as they can be rented out throughout their period of ownership. already income In the long run, the value increases exponentially.

According to a recent survey, when tourists come to Phuket most choose to stay in a pool villa. There is a private swimming pool inside the house. And overlooking the panoramic sea view, which provides more privacy. In which they can spend time with their families and cook meals together during the festival. or on special occasions and in the tourist season. Especially the seaside provinces in the south of Thailand tend to be especially popular with both Thai and foreign tourists when it comes to rent and expenses. It's worth the price they paid. For coastal provinces along the Andaman Sea such as Phuket, investment in tourism is another interesting alternative for investors.

(Country: Southeast-Asia)

Business Negotiation (Lobbyist) :
We act as representatives for business contacts. Help build relationships or connections, help negotiate to coordinate benefits. Help act as a negotiating agent for the business sector. Or people who want to contact people or organizations that they don't know. Help negotiate and find deals for various business matters. And personal matters such as looking for work, coordinating various trades such as importing or exporting helping reconcile debt Helping advertise, publicize to people, etc.


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