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Thailand :

Long-Term Resident Visa (LTR Visa)
How do I qualify?
Must invest at least USD 500,000 (approximately 18.3 million baht) in Thai government bonds, Thai businesses, or real estate in Thailand, Have a minimum annual salary or pension of $80,000 (approximately 2.9 million baht) in the past 2 years and a minimum of $1 million in assets (approximately 36.7 million baht).

What do you get?
Right of residence in the country for 10 years. Right to travel out
of the country. Work permit in Thailand. Foreign Income Tax Exemption Dependent visas for spouses and children Special service slots at the airport

Singapore :
Singapore Global Investor Program.
How do I qualify?
Handouts are required to provide proof of work and financial history that the visa applicant owns or holds at least 30% of shares in a company generating annual revenues of at least S$200 million (approximately 5.2 billion baht), or has a relative who owns or owns at least 30% of the shares in a company generating at least S$500 million in annual revenues, and a minimum investment of 2.5 million Singapore dollars (approximately 65.5 million baht) in new or expanding Singapore businesses; or invest a minimum of S$2.5 million in a fund invested in a Singapore business;

Or invest a minimum of 2.5 million Singapore dollars to set up a Family Office in Singapore, which must have at least S$200 million in custody assets, of which at least S$50 million must be deposited within the country and the remaining 150 million can be deposited outside the country.

What do you get?
Permanent resident visa for both the applicant and dependents (children under 21 years old) Holders of this visa will be able to travel, work, and stay in Singapore for an unlimited period of time. It is also possible to obtain a long-term visa for parents. Send your child to a Singaporean school, and they can apply for Singaporean citizenship after holding this visa for 2 years.



Malaysia :
Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program.

How do I qualify?
35 years old or older
Have assets of at least 1.5 million ringgit (about 12.4 million baht). Have a salary of at least 40,000 ringgit (about 300,000 baht). Deposit at least RM1,000,000 (about 8.2 million baht) in a bank account in Malaysia. plus 50,000 ringgit (approximately 400,000 baht) for each family member. The depositor cannot withdraw this amount during the first year in Malaysia. After one year, no more than 500,000 ringgit can be withdrawn. And must use this money to 'buy a house, 'pay for school fees, or 'pay for medical expenses' only. Have enough money to spend so that you don't have to work during your stay in Malaysia. Must be in Malaysia for at least 90 days per year (excluding dependents).

What do you get?
Right of residence in the country for 10 years. right to travel out of the country. Dependent visas for spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age Residential options ranging from RM300,000 to RM1 million.


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