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Investment in Thailand :

Phang Nga : Land Allocation Project

It is in the process of surveying and inspecting the land according to the housing procurement plan to support the expansion of the urban community.

Nowadays, many foreigners are wanting to immigrate to live in Thailand. whether retirement Occupation or relocating the business base coupled with economic reasons very high cost of living Occupation is highly competitive. Opportunities to attend a family member's education at a reputable institution are quite limited. in European countries and the American continent Many families need to find new places to live and opportunities. for yourself and your family members

Many foreigners are forced to waste their money on the rather expensive rent. did not receive the benefits in return as they should have It is therefore necessary to study the relevant laws for the long-term stability of consumer security in terms of ownership. and long-term lease of immovable properties as far as the law allows to be done at that time Phang Nga Province is another option.

The overall cost of living is not high, the weather is good, the car is not stuck, and there are natural attractions. And many beautiful beaches, there are educational institutions, medical facilities, restaurants, and department stores. shopping ready to accommodate visitors The second airport construction project to support the growth of the tourism business in Phuket. The government has surveyed and designed the second airport in the area near the area to be developed. Since it is a passing route, it is easy to travel by car. The entire route is a national highway and cuts through the project land. You can travel to the famous and popular tourist attractions in the southern zone easily, quickly, and with high security. This land allocation project We have arranged a land plan suitable for building a house. placement of utilities public resting place The road inside the project is wide. Design and build high-quality residential homes according to the needs of consumers. comfortable travel A large national highway cuts through the land. For many reasons, our projects are the answer when it comes to building a second home or a permanent settlement.


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